Specialty insurance is a standard at Anthony & Company

Anthony & Company is an experienced insurance agency offering insurance, bonding and risk management services to the residential construction industry, along with insightful solutions for real estate owners and managers. We are an Acrisure Partner with access to a multitude of highly rated carriers to meet all your insurance needs.

We offer a variety of unique solutions to meet your needs

As an Acrisure Partner, Anthony & Company is a part of a national network of hand-selected, independent agencies. This network allows us to offer a wide selection of policies and increased access to products, consulting services, and carriers.

We help people and businesses thrive in the opportunities they pursue

We are more than just an insurance broker and bonding and risk management consulting firm. Anthony & Company is made up of a team of forward-thinking and experienced people who care about our clients and love taking on unique challenges to help solve problems.

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3322 Route 22 West, Suite 1102, Branchburg NJ 08876
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